Anti-motion Sickness No Lens Cool Glasses

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Motion sickness is our normal physiological reaction. Some peoplewith long-term motion sickness even have fear of the car. I don\'tknow the northwest when I get on the bus. But most people still onlyhave a slight sense of motion sickness
       This is a very clever device that creates a balance between theeye and the brain so that your brain doesnt feel discord
       It has four circular frames on the front and left and right sidesEach frame is equipped with a blue liquid with a height of half theframe. These blue liquids are used to keep the user swaying or tiltingCorrect visual perception by seeing the correct horizontal line withinthe line of sight. At the same time, our glasses will also emit lemonfruit flavor, which is such a simple principle, but it is very effective fortraffic motion sickness
      The glasses dont need to be worn all the time. It can be takenabout ten minutes after the vertigo appears. Whether you are amotion sickness or a halo, this little glasses are suitable, you canfinally say goodbye to the side effects of the motion sickness
     If you have serious motion sickness when you are out of the car, antmotion sickness glasses will be of great help to you
     When the signals transmitted by the inner ear, eyes, and sensorynerves to the brain are perceived to differ from the actual movementsof the body, we develop symptoms including nausea
      The frame of the glasses is filled with blue liquid and looks cooland cute. The eye builds a peripheral view through these fluids andcoordinates the information that is transmitted to the brain withvisual information. The doctor suggested that once the symptoms ofmotion sickness appear, immediately put on the glasses, allsymptoms will disappear in about 10 minutes. For those who havemyopia and have already worn glasses, the glasses can be worn onmyopia lenses.
      Once your symptoms of motion sickness disappear, you can takeoff your glasses and enjoy the rest of the journey
      Wearing steps:
      1 Immediately equip yourself after the first motionickness symptom(can be worn on a pair of glasses)
      2 Put on your glasses for 10 to 12 minutes to re-synchronize yoursenses
      3 Take off your glasses and enjoy your trip






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